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Thermostat in the bathroom or outside?
Where to place the thermostat/room controller: in the bathroom or outside? When installing electric underfloor heating in the bathroom, it is also necessary to install a thermostat that will control the operation of the entire system. The question immediately arises, where to place such a device?
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How to check and measure the floor temperature sensor?
The NTC floor temperature sensor, which is placed in the floor between the heating cables in the heating mat, is a component that can get damaged. If you do not have to do not pull the wired temperature sensor out of the grommet (from the floor), first take a measurement of it.
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Is it worth it to choose eco-friendly home heating?
Dynamic climate change is already a fact of life. According to the knowledge of scientists, the rate of change is due, among other things, to human activity, which is why many countries and the European Union are introducing more regulations to protect the environment and slow down the warming of the climate.
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How to properly install the heating cable on the pipe?
We present an expert guide on how to properly install self-regulating heating cable on horizontal and vertical pipes. The guide applies to the installation of ready-made self-regulating heating cables terminated with a 230 V plug at the factory, as well as self-regulating cables for self-termination.
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Which controller for gutter heating nVent RAYCHEM?
nVent RAYCHEM EMDR-10 specially designed electronic controller to control the operation of the heating system for gutters and downpipes, cornices, roof. Depending on the temperature outside and the level of humidity in the gutter, this device turns on the heating cable, allowing the free drainage of water formed by the dissolution of snow.
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Frozen roof drain? Install a RAYCHEM heating system
Drain roof drain, a drainage component that can freeze in winter. This is a serious problem, as it can even lead to overloading the roof with standing water. Fortunately, the bane of frozen drains is a thing of the past. All you need to do is install the right safety system. Check out more below!
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Anti-icing mat 50 or 60 cm wide?
An anti-icing heating mat installed under the sidewalk, only activates in adverse weather conditions, melting the falling snow and ice instantly. However, what width of mat should you choose for your yard? Is 50 cm enough, or is it better to bet on wider heating mats?
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Heating mat for the bathroom - You need to know it!
What are the advantages of using a heating mat in the bathroom? Heating mat in the bathroom under the tiles on the wall? Heating mat or heating cable for floor heating in the bathroom? What for the bathroom floor? What kind of heating mat for the bathroom? What to pay attention to when heating the bathroom floor?
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Yes, the RAYCHEM heating mat can be in the shower!
Installation of a heating mat (under tiles) in the shower in the shower area is a question constantly asked by many people. In many forums or blogs you can find endless statements for and against. RAYCHEM QuickNet heating mat is a mat that can be installed under the tiles in the shower and spa area.
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