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Portable heating mats for thawing frozen ground

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Portable heating mats for thawing frozen ground are devices used to heat areas of frozen ground, such as soil, steps, sidewalks, roads or other frozen surfaces. They are also used for heating machinery, thawing silage bales, digging graves and dismantling frozen paving stones.

These heating mats are portable, which means they can be easily moved from one place to another as needed. They are often equipped with heating cables or heating elements inside a flexible structure, which allows them to be easily placed on the surface you want to heat.

Portable heating mats for thawing frozen ground can be powered by an ordinary electricity source or be more mobile, using generators, for example.

Frozen ground is a serious problem, especially in areas where earthworks are carried out. It raises the cost of the work carried out and makes it necessary to spend much more time on it than in normal conditions. Fortunately, we know how to remedy this. Our way is soil thawing. What does it consist of? What equipment is needed to carry it out? Answers to these and similar questions can be found below. Read them, and then check out our range of products in this category. We are confident that you will find among them devices that will ensure that frozen ground will not thwart your plans.

What does thawing soil involve?

An effective way to thaw the ground is to use a portable heating mat nVent RAYCHEM EM-DEFROST-MAT , which you can buy in our online store dOLEJSZ.PL. This mobile, very practical device is flexible, so it easily adapts to the shape of the ground in question. In addition, the heating mat is lightweight, so you can easily transport it and quickly disassemble it.

What is defrosting with such a device? It's simple: you just need to plug it into 230 V AC, it can be mains power or a generator. The connection itself is facilitated by a long, as much as 3-meter power cord, which is attached to it. The heating mat prepared in this way should be spread on the frozen ground. If you want to increase the efficiency of the device, put an OSB board or a wooden pallet under the mat, so it will adhere better to the ground. Connected to electricity, the mat generates heat and thaws the ground on which it is placed.

Heating mat for thawing soil and frozen ground

In the offer of our online store you will find many types of heating mats, including the above-mentioned portable model of the brand nVent RAYCHEM , of which we are a distributor. As the name suggests, this device consists of a mat - solid and durable, thanks to the fact that it is made of damage-resistant artificial material. Inside it is placed a special heating cable, which, when plugged into a power source, becomes warm and warms the immediate environment. This product is indispensable not only during construction or repair work in the open air, but also when carrying out excavations for graves and repairing various types of malfunctions, for example, repairing pipelines, sewers, gas pipes.

Thawing the ground with a portable heating mat - the main advantages

  • Mobility. The heating mat we recommend is lightweight, and therefore you can easily put it in your car and transport it to the construction site or other place where it is to be used.
  • Wide application. Ground thawing is not the only application of the mat nVent RAYCHEM . The device is also suitable for melting ice on driveways, parking lots or ramps, defrosting excavations and heating repair and construction equipment.
  • Convenience. You can take the heating mat with you anywhere, and it will be easy to move it with the included wide handles. In turn, the grommets located on the sides of the device, make it easy for you to attach or hang it.
  • Simple operation. It boils down to unfolding the heating mat and connecting it to an electricity source.
  • Energy saving. The soil thawing device we offer is effective, but at the same time it does not consume much energy.
  • Safety. Waterproof, marked, and therefore highly visible.
  • With built-in protection against overheating, the mat is as safe as possible to use.