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EcoLeak ECO-SC-30 linear water detection sensor

EcoLeak ECO-SC-30 linear water detection sensor

Długość przewodu sensorowego
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Produit disponible
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The EcoLeak sensor/sensor cable detects water anywhere along its length. When used in conjunction with control panels for Eco-1 or Eco-6 zones, the cable detects a water leak, triggers an alarm and indicates the leak zone. The cable is available in various lengths up to 30 meters.

Conductive polymer technology and fluoropolymer construction make the EcoLeak sensor cable mechanically robust and resistant to corrosion and abrasion. The cable is constructed with two sensor wires embedded in a fluoropolymer support rod. The alarm module continuously monitors the continuity of the sensor wire. The wire's design allows it to be dried within seconds after water is removed and reused.

Pre-installed plastic male connector on one side, factory terminated on the other.

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Długość przewodu sensorowego
30,0 m
Liquid detection
Installation location
Flat surfaces, floor, drip trays, under the technical floor, around tanks and pumps.
Wire diameter
6.0 mm
Connector diameter
23 mm
Flame retardant fluoropolymer
Weight of the cable
1 kg / 15 m
Bending radius
Minimum 50 mm
Breaking strength
Cable: 72 kg
Cut resistance
> 22 kg with 0.13 mm blade; crossbar speed 0.2 in / min
Wipeout resistance
> 65 cycles according to UL 719
Maximum operating temperature
The size of the leak that triggers the alarm
Min. 50 mm at any point of the sensor cable
Czas schnięcia przewodu / resetowalność
It dries and resets within 15 seconds of being removed from the water
Cleaning method
Wipe with a clean, damp cloth
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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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