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Thermostat sensors

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Thermostat sensors are key components of temperature control systems, enabling precise temperature monitoring and control in a variety of applications. There are several types of sensors used in thermostats, depending on the specific system and application requirements.

  • Floor temperature sensors are placed at various points on the floor to monitor the temperature of the floor surface. They allow precise control of floor temperature in underfloor heating systems, ensuring thermal comfort and optimal conditions for room users.
  • Moisture sensors placed in gutters and driveways are used in anti-icing systems to monitor moisture and detect the presence of water or ice. When the sensor detects the presence of moisture or ice, it can trigger the heating system.
  • Outdoor temperature sensors are mounted outside buildings and are used to monitor the ambient temperature. In de-icing heating systems, they can be used to adjust heating settings according to weather conditions, allowing for more efficient energy management and indoor thermal comfort.

Temperature and humidity sensors are essential in climate control systems, as they allow the thermostat settings to be adjusted to ensure optimal comfort conditions and energy efficiency. When selecting sensors for thermostats, it is important to consider the accuracy, measurement range and environmental conditions in which they will operate.