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Self-regulating heating cables for maintaining hot water temperature

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Self-regulating heating cables nVent RAYCHEM HWAT maintain the desired water temperature in piping systems that distribute water in buildings. Placed on the pipe under the insulation, the wires compensate for temperature drops in hot water.

  • Hot water available immediately when the tap is turned on
  • Prevention of bacterial growth:
    • Maintaining the set water temperature
    • No backflow system, cold water does not return to the heater
    • Less water in the entire piping system
    • Possibility of protection against Legionella bacteria by thermal shock method with HWAT-R cable
  • Environmental protection through lower energy and water consumption
  • Flexible design for quick and easy installation
  • Full range for all types of buildings:
    • HWAT-L - for smaller projects (single-family homes, apartments) -
    • HWAT-M - for apartments and offices
    • HWAT-R - for hotels, hospitals and spas