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Reflecta floor insulation boards for T2Red self-regulating heating cable

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Elektryczne ogrzewanie podłogowe energooszczędne

Electric underfloor heating such as nVent RAYCHEM T2Red combined with Reflecta is an energy-efficient system. The system consists of a self-regulating T2Red heating cable mounted in grooved Reflecta aluminum-coated panels, providing thermal insulation for the subfloor.

Reflecta floor insulation board:

  • nVent RAYCHEM Reflecta is an insulating material that minimizes heat loss to the substrate, resulting in lower energy consumption.
  • It effectively reflects heat back into the room instead of letting it escape through the floor.
  • Additional energy savings of 20% on average.
  • Thermal insulation and aluminum layer reduce heat loss and ensure even heat distribution.
  • For use with T2Red heating cable.
  • Can be used in a variety of building types, from single-family homes to commercial buildings.