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Accessories for attaching heating cables to pipes

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Tapes for fastening heating cables. To fasten heating cables to pipelines, use special fastening tapes intended for this purpose. Before choosing a fastening tape, make sure that it is suitable for use in specific operating conditions, such as ambient temperature, presence of moisture, chemicals or is intended for contact with stainless steel.

Brackets for boxes and thermostats. Brackets are used to attach devices such as thermostats or junction boxes to pipes or cable trays. They contain a set of M6 and/or M4 mounting screws, nuts and washers, respectively, for one junction box or controller. They are made of stainless steel (SS304 + passivation).

Pipe clamps for brackets. Pipe clamps are used to attach metal supports to pipelines to ensure the stability of junction boxes and controllers. Clamps made of galvanized and stainless steel are available. They are designed to withstand mechanical loads, vibrations and external influences such as moisture and changing temperatures. They have an adjustable diameter to adapt to different pipeline sizes. They enable quick and effective attachment of clamps to pipelines.