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Underfloor heating cables - self-regulating and energy-saving

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Electric floor heating energy efficient

Underfloor heating cables RAYCHEM T2Red are high-quality, self-regulating and energy-efficient underfloor heating systems. They offer many advantages that make them a popular choice in the heating industry. Here are some features of RAYCHEM T2Red heating cables:

  • nVent RAYCHEM T2Red is a self-regulating heating cable that adjusts its heating power according to the ambient temperature, preventing excessive energy consumption.
  • It provides even and efficient heat distribution over the entire floor surface.
  • It can be used under various types of floor coverings, such as tile, wood, stone, and carpet.
  • Made of high-quality materials, it is durable and reliable, reducing the risk of failure and the need for repairs.
  • By cutting the appropriate length during installation, it is easy to adapt it to the size and shape of any room.
  • The self-regulating T2Red system automatically detects other heat sources such as solar radiation, electrical appliances or heating from a fireplace and adjusts its heating power accordingly.
  • With no risk of overheating the heating cable under furniture and carpets, it allows any interior design. It can be laid on any substrate such as tiles, floating panels, wood flooring, linoleum or vinyl in dry and damp rooms.

Energy efficiency:

  • Combining T2Red self-regulating cable with Reflecta floorboard provides an integrated solution for electric floor heating that is energy efficient and effective.
  • A well-designed and installed system can result in significant savings in energy costs.
  • Using advanced thermostats and control systems can help optimize energy consumption by allowing you to set precise temperatures and operating schedules.

Let's start with the basics: What is heating cable self-regulation?

Self-regulating technology - nVent RAYCHEM invented and patented self-regulating heating cables that automatically adjust their heating power to compensate for temperature changes. The cable's outer sheath, braid and inner insulation provide mechanical, chemical and electrical protection, but the magic happens in the conductive core of the heating cable.

How self-regulating heating cable works

Two parallel power conductors are embedded in the conductive core. If the ambient temperature A decreases, the core of the cable microscopically shrinks and the number of electrical paths in the core increases. More heat is generated. The opposite happens if the ambient temperature increases C, then the core expands and the number of electrical paths decreases. Less heat is generated.

  • The self-regulating heating cable adjusts its heating power along the length of the entire cable. This makes such a system a safe and reliable solution for many applications.
  • Self-regulating heating cables can cross and touch each other without burning out!
In areas where it is colder (such as near windows and doors), the wire generates more heat.

Close to doors and windows there are cold zones. In places where it is colder, such as close to windows and doors, the cable generates more heat. More heat is generated in colder areas close to windows and doors, and less in warmer areas.

During the day, the sun warms the floor by the window

During the day, the sun heats the floor by the window. The cable detects the floor being heated by the sun's rays and lowers its heating power automatically. No risk of overheating.

There is less heat demand under the carpet

Under carpet there is less heat demand. In warmer areas, (such as in the middle of the room or under carpets and furniture) the cable generates less heat. No risk of overheating or damaging the floor.

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