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Heated roof drain

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The nVent RAYCHEM RIM-DrainTrace-KIT is a complete solution for keeping roof drains free of snow and ice during the harshest of winters and avoiding unpleasant surprises associated with it.

Roof drain, a roof drainage component that can freeze in winter. This is a serious problem, as it can even lead to overloading the roof with standing water. Fortunately, the bane of frozen drains is now a thing of the past for you. All you need to do is install the right protection system. Check out more below!

Roof drain

Roof drains are part of the drainage of flat roofs. They allow you to drain water from the surface of the roof that has no other way to flow down. This device is especially useful in winter, when there is snow on the roof. When it begins to melt, there is a large amount of water to drain. Unfortunately, it is at this time that drains like to freeze.

An ice spigot forms inside such a gully. It is protected from the sun by the snow above it, so it does not melt with the snow, but blocks the possibility of water running off the roof. This creates a major and real danger. Water accumulates at the lowest point, and its weight can significantly overload this section of the roof. This is all the more dangerous because the lower spots usually form where the roof settles - for example, as a result of its gradual damage. This means that stresses that are dangerous to the entire building accumulate in one place.

The situation is equally dangerous in buildings with flat roofs, where no drainage system has been designed. An analytical problem to the above one is created, only with the difference that water has no possibility of flowing down at all.

How to thaw a roof drain?

Podgrzewany wpust dachowy

Support in such a situation is nVent RAYCHEM RIM-DrainTrace-KIT. This is an additional element that heats the gully itself and the area around it. It is powered electrically - the first time, in winter, it is enough to bring an extension cord to the roof. In the spring, on the other hand, it is worth bringing a special power supply to the device permanently.

Thanks to the heated gully, an ice spigot does not form, and snow does not pile up over the opening, impeding the flow of water. Instead, the maximum patency of the system is maintained, and melted snow can flow downhill on an ongoing basis.

nVent RAYCHEM The RIM-DrainTrace-KIT consists of a central ring suitable for drains up to 355 mm in diameter, and six 600 mm branches. Special RIM-C heating strips are placed on them. The system also has 16 meters of self-regulating heating cable, which is responsible for heat generation.

nVent RAYCHEM RIM-draintrace-KIT

Podgrzewany wpust dachowy

The system consists of several modular components that you can easily connect together. The installation itself is limited to placing the device on the desired location - just above the roof drain. Such a kit includes:

  • central ring,
  • 6 heating strips,
  • 16 m of heating cable,
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

It is recommended to fix this type of equipment over each roof drain to ensure full patency of the system every winter. In this way, you will be able to sleep soundly without fearing a building disaster with each major rainfall.

Heated roof drain

Design mistakes can result in very serious accidents. One of the most common mistakes in construction is the use of unheated roof drains. This is a real bane of flat roofs in every country. Fortunately, you no longer have to fear for your life. With nVent RAYCHEM RIM-DrainTrace-KIT, you can ensure maximum flow for your drainage system every winter. This way, melting rain or pooling water during heavy downpours will quickly run off your roof down to the ground, where it won't pose a major danger to your building. Heated roof drains are perfect for any building with a flat roof.

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