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Wire and cable unwinders

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How to choose the right unwinder for electrical cables? The cables available on the market are wound in discs of different widths. Depending on the company's needs and the types of cables they use, we offer racks in three different disc sizes. It is also important to pay attention to the maximum load capacity of a given rack so as not to overload it with too much load.

  • SO-460 platter width 460 mm, max 50 kg.
  • SO-320 disc width 320 mm, max 40 kg.
  • SO-230-2 platter width 230 mm, max 10 kg x 2.

If you have to deal with various building materials on a daily basis, such as cables wound on spools, cable and electrical wire decoilers will be a great solution.

High-quality galvanized steel, which is very durable, was used in the production of the SB series stands. The rollers, on which the cable drum rests, have been equipped with thrust bearings hidden inside.

  • SB-370 maximum width of the drum 370 mm
  • SB-470 maximum width of the drum 470 mm
  • SB-570 maximum width of the drum 570 mm

Cable unwinding stand

Unrolling a small length of cable is not a major problem. However, when laying electrical installations, you need to unroll tens of linear meters of cable. Do not waste your time developing inefficient methods of work. It will be much simpler and faster to invest in a cable unwinding stand. Its design makes it easy to pull from the spool as much cable as you'll ever need - and all at the touch of a button!

Why use cable unwinders?

Cable unwinding stands are very popular not only for creating electrical, alarm, Internet or even TV installations. This solution is appreciated by everyone who has to deal with cables wound on a drum or coiled in discs. Why?

  • Uncoilers prevent electrical cables from kinking and tangling. This increases productivity, but also protects cables from damage, which increases their life.
  • The cable unwinding stand makes it easier to pull the right length of cable from the spool.
  • Unrolling the cable is much faster - a single pull of the hand is enough.
  • The installer does not have to go back to the cable spool each time to unwind the next piece.He can work on the installation all the time, even at a considerable distance from the stand.

In conclusion, the electric cable unwinder increases convenience and productivity, while protecting the cable from damage. It is also an investment for years to come, and the costs incurred will be made up in no time by getting the job done faster.

Types of cable unwinding stands

There are two types of cable unwinders for electrical cables. Their construction is related to the way the cable is wrapped. If it is wrapped in a puck, a vertical stand will work well. For drums or spools of cable, use a horizontal (flat) stand.

Uncoiler for cables in discs

Cable unwinders in sheaves work well for unwinding round and flat electrical cables such as YDY 3x1.5, LGY or OWY. The stand is built of three cooperating components:

  • A stable stand, which is in contact with the ground, ensures that the whole unit is held in the desired position and prevents the uncoiler from falling.
  • A bearing-mounted cable base that rotates with the pulley. This reduces drag, making it easier to unroll. The bearing brakes the rotary motion so that the puck does not unroll too much.
  • A high mast, securing the puck with the cable. In the case of the SO-230-2 model (intended, among other things, for alarm cables), two masts are mounted on the stand, along with two movable bases.

We sell several models of cable unwinders, differing mainly in the diameter of the disc. SO-460, designed for the largest spools, has a movable base with a diameter of 460 mm. The 370 mm height prevents the disc from falling off during unwinding. For smaller wires we have provided the SO-320 model with a disc diameter of 320 mm.

Uncoiler for cables in drums

Unrolling cables on drums does not require such a complex construction of the uncoiler for electrical cables. The stand consists of a stable base, in which two bearing rollers have been mounted. All you have to do is lay the drum horizontally on the rollers and pull the cable. Thanks to the rollers, the spool will rotate in place and will not fall to the ground.

We offer three dimensions of stands for unwinding cables from drums. They are designed for spools of different sizes. The smallest model SB-370 can cope with drums no larger than 370 mm. The SB-470 and SB-570, respectively, are used to unwind cables from drums up to 470 by 570 mm. Each cable unwinder for electrical cables from reels additionally has a stepped roller adjustment. This way you can easily adjust your stand to the size of your reels and optimize its performance.

Powder-coated or galvanized unwinders?

Cable reeling and unwinding stands are made of high-quality steel. The solutions available on the market offer powder-coated and galvanized unwinders. We know from experience that the operation of the stands involves bumps and bruises. In the case of painted models, the paint quickly falls off in such places, leading to the formation of harmful rust.

To ensure the greatest longevity of our equipment, we sell only the more durable electro-galvanized models. In addition, we provide a one-year guarantee that our decoilers will perform perfectly during operation.

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