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nVent RAYCHEM is a world-renowned brand that is part of the larger nVent Electric plc company. The history of nVent RAYCHEM is linked to its founder, Raychem Corporation, and includes many innovations and achievements in heating technology. Here is a brief history of nVent RAYCHEM:

  1. Beginnings (1957): Raychem Corporation was founded in 1957 by Dr. Paul Cook in Menlo Park, California, USA. The company specialized in developing solutions for polymers and high-performance materials.

  2. Development of heating technology (1960s): In the 1960s, Raychem began developing heating cable technology to prevent freezing and maintain proper temperatures in various applications such as industrial pipes, pipelines, roof installations, etc.

  3. Innovations in self-regulating heating cables (1970s): In the 1970s, Raychem introduced self-regulating heating cables that were able to adjust their heating output according to ambient conditions. This was a breakthrough technology in the electric heating industry.

  4. Development of Global Markets (1980s-1990s): During the 1980s and 1990s, Raychem became a global leader in heating technology and expanded into international markets, providing solutions for freeze prevention and heating in complex environmental conditions.

  5. Transition through various phases of ownership (2000s): Raychem went through several phases of ownership change and restructuring during the 2000s. One of the key moments was the acquisition by Tyco International and the subsequent creation of Tyco Thermal Controls, one of the operating units comprising nVent.

  6. Creation of nVent RAYCHEM (2018): In 2018, nVent Electric plc announced the separation from Tyco International and the formation of a new company called nVent, which focused on electrical and heating technology products and solutions. nVent RAYCHEM became one of the main brands within this new organization.

Thanks to continuous innovation and advanced technologies, nVent RAYCHEM is now a leader in heating systems, offering a wide range of products for freeze prevention, temperature control and electric heating in various industries, including industry, construction, energy and many others. The history of nVent RAYCHEM is a story of continuous development and improvement of heating technologies, which have found applications around the world.

  • nVent is a global manufacturer with more than 130 manufacturing, service and distribution centers serving major customers with local capabilities.
  • The organization is located in 34 countries and 99 cities.
  • nVent's factories around the world produce the most comprehensive range of products, solutions and services for protecting and connecting people, processes and equipment, which go by the names: CADDY, ERICO, LENTON, NUHEAT, RAIL, RAYCHEM, SCHROFF, TRACER.
  • RAYCHEM's division is electrical heating systems for construction and industry, namely heating cables.
  • The company originated in the United States. In Europe, it is very well known in Scandinavian countries, the Czech Republic, France, Germany.
  • The brand's roots date back to 1903. In 1970, they invented self-regulating heating cables and are the largest manufacturer in the world.
  • Visit the nVent manufacturer's website.
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